Questions and answers about our temporary accommodation

Basically, we offer leases between 1 and 6 months for the use of our serviced apartments.

We only offer business clients longer-term leases.

Shorter-term leases may be available depending on demand.

For a personal offer, please contact us.

Services included

You find our services on our service webpage

Yes, your lease includes a designated parking spot in front of your temporary home. The parking space is included in the price.

Yes, our apartments all have fast internet connections available through wi-fi.
This service is included in the lease and is at no extra cost.

The apartments are leased with all utilities included, provided that the use remains within ordinary household range. Utilities will not be billed or refunded.

Yes, the deposit must be paid by bank transfer before moving in. The amount of the deposit depends on the apartment. Just ask for more details.

No, pets are not allowed.

All of our apartments are strictly non-smoking.

The walls of the villa are made of breathable materials such as clay and straw that ensure a balanced room climate, but they do absorb smoke and damp air.
Smoking can lead to severe damage to these materials. Therefore, smoking is not allowed. Smoking is also not allowed even if standing at the window.

All of our apartments have received a five-star rating from the German Tourism Association (DTV) based on its recent standards. This standard formulates progressive requirements for each DSV star category. For example, to earn 4 stars, the criteria for 3-star and 4-star establishments must be met.

These requirements can be found on